Next “Angel and friends” drop in session…

29th of January 2020

11am – 2pm

Please join us for a coffee and a chat, it’s an opportunity to share experiences and ideas that can help each other as well as form good networks between families within the special educational needs community, please find details on how to locate us below, looking forward to seeing you…

Orpington Fire Station’s community hall
(E41) Orpington Fire Station
Avalon Road, Kent

Telephone – 07761572370

Email –

Future dates and times

5th February 2020 10am – 1pm (yet to be confirmed)

19th of February 2020 10am – 1pm

4th of March 2020 10am – 1pm

18th of March 2020 10am – 1pm

1st of April 2020 10am – 1pm

15th of April 2020 10am – 1pm